"Life is just one long story, how you tell yours determines how well you enjoy it"

Donald Owusu Gyamfi

Here is ours

Our Fuel

What Motivates us to KEEP Going


We have crossed many hurdles to get here, we readily await any new challenge. But the fire burning in our souls gives us hope. We are confident we can cross them all. Bring it on.


Tech is a tough business. You must keep up with ever evolving technologies and trends. The only thing that makes it easy is the love we attach to what we do. We never fail.


How We Started

The world is on a revolution, and we wanted to be part of it. The world's most profitable and valuable companies are in the tech industry. However they are all in the Western hemisphere living in a different economy than ours.
Do we join them?
No, we believe in Africans and know that together we too can build one of the most respectable tech companies.
Where do we start? Here is what we thought, everyone has a unique story, so does every organisation. We Africans have been telling stories before anyone else. We have the best folklore and poems. This time, brand stories.
Remember by the fire side?
Whatever idea, service or product we will find brand it's distinct starts from drawing them online.

In Studio

The world is on a revolution. The most of the successful companies are in the tech industry. From the most valuable brand to the most profitable. That may seem like the best direction our education system should veer towards. However how many university courses are tech related? This disparity will exist until we make programming a core subject in high school.
To make up for the minimal formal tech education (this isn't inherently bad), we started peering for knowledge from local professional institutions through online classes. We have successfully completed studies on digital design, programming, user interactivity to branding. With less than 10% of Africa's businesses online, our journey starts here.